The weight limit for your carry-on baggage is 5 kilos. Below is a list of Items Allowed and Items Not Allowed in your carry-on baggage.

Items Not Allowed in carry-on baggage

  • Sharp and/or cutting objects of any size, material or description, (e.g. kitchen knives, service knives with pointed or edged ends, razors and razor blades, even pocket knives belonging to crew and any sharp objects), including the sale of these items in the duty free stores (Dutty Free) on board the aircraft.
  • Ice picks or ice picks of any material.
  • Drawer cutters (stilettos) and their spare parts, knives, forks, razors and razor blades, pointed metal files.
  • Bludgeons, mittens or any blunt weapon.
  • Baseball bats, golf clubs or any blunt object.
  • Guns, pistols, revolvers, air guns and pellet guns, toy guns and/or grenades.
  • Aerosols containing any type of noxious gas (tear gas, vomit, pepper, etc.).

Objects allowed in carry-on baggage

  • Except as described in point 3, the following objects will be allowed in carry-on baggage, provided they meet the following requirements. Beverages in cans or disposable bottles (previously verifying their content, if they are not sealed or closed).
  • Aerosol deodorants, limited to 2 units per passenger.
  • Nail clippers of any size, as long as they do not have a file, corkscrew, razor, can opener, etc., and do not end in a sharp point. and that they do not end in a point or have a sharp edge. Disposable razors, including their spare parts.
  • Small scissors that end in a round point, school type.
  • Pipe cleaners that do not end in a point or have a sharp edge.
  • Moustache scissors with rounded tips.
  • Eyelash tweezers.
  • Tweezers that do not end in a pointed tip.
  • Hair barrettes.
  • Umbrellas and walking sticks previously verified by X-rays. Syringes accompanied by a medicine, only if they are medicated, the doctor on duty at the airport must give his approval. Lighters and / or matches, or their combination, maximum 2 units per person previously verified by X-ray.
  • Alcoholic beverages properly packaged and closed or sealed (Maximum 5 liters, with a maximum of 70% alcoholic content per passenger).
  • In addition to checked baggage, passengers are allowed to carry as carry-on baggage certain objects of small weight and volume (umbrellas, handbag, camera, etc.), provided they do not exceed certain dimensions or weight, which may be indicated on the ticket.

Please check in advance with the airline for specific limitations on the number of items, dimensions and maximum weights that apply to checked baggage and carry-on baggage. In addition to checked baggage, passengers may carry as carry-on baggage one or two items of small weight and volume: umbrella, handbag, briefcase, camera, laptop computer, shopping bag, etc.

How many suitcases can I take on an airplane trip?

Normally, airlines include in the ticket price a weight limit of up to 30 kilos for passengers traveling in First Class and Preferential, and 20 kilos for those traveling in more economical fares. On flights between Spain and the United States or Canada, the piece system is used, which consists of limiting the number of bags of a given volume. In all cases, and as long as the conditions of the aircraft allow it, you can check in more baggage than allowed by paying the amount established for excess baggage.