Presentation and boarding

Upon arrival at the airport, go to the counter of your airline. Present your airline ticket to receive your boarding pass. In case you arrive at Viru Viru International Airport in advance, the airport offers the following services: Cafeteria and Restaurant, duty free stores (international zone), currency exchange, newspaper and book kiosks, hairdresser, etc.

Do not be afraid to arrive at the airport too early, in the passenger area you can use the facilities designed to make your trip more comfortable: cafeteria and restaurant services, duty free stores (international zone), currency exchange, newsagents and bookstands, hairdressing salon, etc.

Terminal use fee or “airport tax”.

At domestic airports, once you have obtained your boarding pass at the airline’s counters, you must purchase the Airport Tax at the Airport Tax Windows. Please note that the Airport Tax is ALREADY included in your ticket (thanks to the efforts of the senior management of the Plurinational State of Bolivia). In the airports that are under the administration of SABSA Nacionalizada, the Airport Use Fee, both domestic and international, is already included in your air ticket with the denomination “A7”. In the case of domestic flights, the additional cost for the A7 is Bs. 15. In the case of international flights, the airport use fee itself is US$ 20, the additional charge of US$ 5 is an amount charged by the Bolivian Government through SABSA for the improvement of aeronautics in the country.

Tax on departures abroad (ISAE)

This payment is mandatory for all Bolivians, as well as for foreign citizens with more than 3 months of permanence in the country. This tax is collected by the Bolivian National Tax Service (Servicio de Impuestos Nacionales de Bolivia) at the counters located in the airport terminal building. Before the officer gives you your boarding pass or boarding card, he will tell you whether you need to pay or not. If tax payment is required, the airline official will tell you where to pay it; the current cost is Bs. 231 and it is a fee that may change according to the corresponding national authorities.


Always carry your personal identification documents updated and in force. Normally, only the presentation of the Identity Card is required when you travel to countries bordering Bolivia, and the presentation of the Passport when you travel to other countries. Some countries require the presentation of other documents to enter their territory, such as Visas and Health Certificates.

It is necessary to ask your airline which documents will be required for your trip. This information can also be obtained from the embassy or consulate of the country to which you are traveling. In case the traveler is a minor, make sure that he/she carries the necessary documentation. Lack of this documentation may result in denied boarding.