Take into account the following aspects if you are interested in saving money on tickets. The more stops your flight makes, the lower the ticket price. Flights are classified into: Non-stop flights, Flights with stopovers (no change of aircraft), and connecting flights.

When the ticket is booked directly, the Travel Agency or Airline must provide you with the following information:

  • The name of the Airline that will be providing the service in case it is different from the Airline that is titled on your ticket.
  • The changes of aircraft from departure to destination.
  • Stopovers during the trip.
  • Transfers between airports.


If you purchase a ticket via the Internet, you must make sure you choose the route, date, time and fare before making the purchase. Also make sure you understand the conditions of use. A recommendation you should take into account: always print all the information regarding your flight, to review it as many times as necessary in the absence of Internet access.


If you schedule your trip in “high season”, that is, in times of high air traffic, it is necessary to make your reservations in advance. Purchase your ticket with a confirmed reservation. If your trip is “round trip”, it is advisable to RECONFIRM your return flight. It is also important to confirm the time of your flight.

In the case of International flights, the airlines require the reconfirmation of your reservation 72 hours in advance for both the outbound and return flights. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your reservations.

Travel Assistance Insurance

The use of Travel Assistance Insurance is mandatory if your destination is the European Union (only to some of its countries). The insurance must cover personal assistance, accident and luggage.