Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a first-time air traveler, you’re probably apprehensive, even fearful, about flying. Don’t worry, this is a common occurrence that happens to one in six adults.

Flying is safe, we believe that with some additional information you will strengthen your confidence in this means of transportation.

The plane in which you are going to travel is in perfect flight conditions, before each flight it is subjected to inspections and has a certification of the Bolivian Civil Aviation General Direction, or of the different aeronautical administrations in any part of the world.

The crew of your aircraft is composed of highly specialized and qualified people who are subjected to frequent controls and have been rigorously selected over several years of intensive training.

When you are on board the aircraft, taking off, during the flight or landing, your safety is guaranteed by the correct operation of the aircraft and the professionalism of the crew, and from the ground your flight is constantly monitored and controlled by a team of professionals operating the most sophisticated equipment.

So, when you board your aircraft, remember: flying is safe.