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Can You Pray Maghrib And Isha Together When Travelling?

Maghrib and isha are two Arabic words which can be translated as “sunset prayer” or “evening prayer”. They both refer to prayers that are said towards the setting sun, and they are the last two prayers that a person will say in Islam. Maghrib is prayed shortly before sundown, and isha is said at sunset. In 2018, Muslims will be saying maghrib and isha in a variety of ways, whether they are travelling, working, or studying.

The times that people will be saying maghrib and isha are likely to be different to you. In some countries, they will be saying them at different times. In other countries, they may say them together, or they may not say them at all. You will need to be flexible when it comes to the times that you say your prayers. Don’t rush or delay in saying maghrib and isha whenever you are in a situation where you feel the need to pray. Take time to find a place with a proper layout, or the right position for the two suns that you are facing. Even if you are in a noisy, crowded place, it is still considered a good place to pray.

Many Muslims will be saying maghrib and isha in a mosque. If you are in a smaller community, you can find a quiet place near where you stay or where you work. You can use your mobile phone’s flashlight to help you find your way to the nearest mosque when you are in a dark room, or when it is very late and you can’t see the stars.

Where Can I Pray?

Whether you are in an apartment, hotel, or house, you can always find a room where you can pray. If you have a private room, you can use that for your prayers. If not, you can sit on the floor with your legs wrapped in a blanket, or in front of a proper wall. In every location that you find, make sure that there is a direction towards Mecca. In a proper place, there should be no other direction but towards Mecca.

Look for a location that has a good flooring or a mat. If you are in a hotel, make sure that the room has a good air flow so that there are no bad smells. If you have pets, make sure that they’re comfortable enough in their surroundings and that there’s no risk of them escaping. You can also bring along some good bedding so that you feel comfortable during your stay. Don’t forget to remove any sharp objects from your pockets before you begin your prayers – this includes your mobile phone. A knife, fork, or spoon can cause harm if they were to slip and hit your throat or eyes during your prayers.

When you are ready to say your prayers, find a good place to sit or kneel down. Make sure to dress appropriately. Women should wear long, comfortable dresses or skirts that cover their legs and allow for easy kneeling. For men, long pants or shorts and a long-sleeved t-shirt or tank top are required. Shoes should be removed and replaced with socks to prevent any friction during your prayers. If it’s very hot or cold out, make sure to bring along some comfortable, warm clothing. It is recommended that you cover your head with a scarf during your prayers. This is because Allah (God) is the only one you are addressing and serving during these prayers. Therefore, you show respect by covering your head during your prayers (duas, niyyat, and salat).

How Do I Pray?

You can either say maghrib and isha in a single sitting or you can break them up over several sittings. The following are instructions on how to properly say these last two prayers:

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