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Does Starbucks Coffee Traveler Come With Cream And Sugar?

Whether you’re traveling for a business trip or a leisure trip, you’ve probably considered the merits of a Starbucks coffee before. After all, it is a brand that is practically synonymous with quality, convenience, and value-adds.

The attraction to this brand is understandable. It is a destination cafe that is both familiar and accessible to people, regardless of where they are on the globe. Additionally, the coffee is freshly ground and comes in an array of delicious flavors. No wonder millions of people order a coffee every day when they travel.

But what happens when you go above and beyond what is expected of a Starbucks coffee? What if you want to add cream and sugar to your cup? Does the coffee traveler pack these essentials or will you need to find them separately when you get there?

Add Cream And Sugar If You Want (But It Doesn’t Come With It)

Starbucks coffee is readily available at the push of a button inside most Starbucks locations. This makes it easy for anybody to order a coffee to go as quickly as possible. In the same way that a Starbucks coffee shop is readily accessible, so is the ability to add cream and sugar to it. Simply go to the cafe and ask the barista for a coffee with cream and sugar.

The coffee shop will give you the option of either adding cream and sugar to your cup now or having it ready for you when you order. It is understood that some people prefer their coffee to be unadorned while others like their beverages to be fancy or at least have a touch of luxury. Go ahead and add cream and sugar if you want, but you won’t find it anywhere on the menu.

Need To Ask About More Than Just Cream And Sugar

Depending on where you are traveling and what kind of access you have to different kinds of coffee shops, you may find that cream and sugar are the only additions you need to ask about. If this is the case, it’s simple enough to order a coffee without anything extra. However, if you are visiting a country where they serve espresso drinks, you may find that they are significantly different from what we are used to. Luckily, this varies from place to place and can be ordered with or without cream and sugar. For example, in Italian cafes, espresso machines may not even be available, in which case you would need to order a regular coffee; similarly, in some Middle Eastern countries and in some parts of Asia, the coffee may not come served in a cup but rather in a small pot that you pour the coffee into.

Consider Some Of The Other Options

Starbucks has a variety of other drinks and food options available that you might find interesting if you haven’t had the chance to try them all yet. If you’re in the mood for an Americano but don’t have the time to wait for a coffee machine to make a fresh cup, then try one of their other drinks or eat some of their food. This may be something the locals recommend as an easy way to get a caffeine fix while abroad. Additionally, if you’re in Costa Rica and looking for a coffee with a hint of chocolate flavor, then order a Chocolate Costa Rican coffee. But if you want a simple cup of joe, then opt for a Costa Rica coffee instead. You may also find that some of their food choices are better than others when it comes to traveling. For example, the food at Starbucks Portugal (Costa) is pretty good, but the coffee there is very weak, so you may not enjoy it if you’re used to drinking coffee with cream and sugar. Finally, if you’re somewhere in Turkey, order a Turkish coffee. It won’t be something most people in the US are used to, but it will add a unique twist to your travel experience. Moreover, if you’re in Istanbul, you may find that they make a very good flat white as well. So, if you’re looking for an espresso machine-style coffee with a hint of Turkish flavor, then order a Turkish flat white.

What About The Coffee? Does It Taste Good?

Even if you like the idea of trying something new, there are a few things you should know about the coffee itself before you order it. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is whether or not the coffee tastes good. You should try and get a sense of how fresh the coffee is and if it tastes as good as you think it should. Some places deliberately try to trick customers by giving them old or stale coffee, so you might want to avoid those kinds of cafes if you’re looking for something fresh. Alternatively, some places are so good at what they do that they’ll give you freshly made coffee even if it’s a bit pricier. So, if you want to drink coffee that doesn’t taste like it has been sitting next to a hot plate all day, then go for a walk or catch a bushy-tailed puppy dog. Otherwise, you’ll simply have to pay more for something subpar.

Is It Worth It?

The price of a cup of coffee can vary from place to place. In some areas of Italy, for example, a small coffee may only cost you a couple of euros, while a large one could set you back by more than double that. So, when you’re traveling, it’s important to remember that the cost of a cup of coffee can vary. If you want to enjoy a hot cup of joe on the go, then consider the price tag or if you want to indulge yourself a bit then opt for the more expensive option.

In some places, particularly in the Middle East, you may drink coffee for free or charge it at the push of a button. This may be because the coffee is considered as an excellent way to help the country’s economy. There will be no price tag attached to your coffee in these places, but you may not like what you’re served if you’re not expecting it. So, be sure to order something else if you want a taste of what they have to offer since it may not be what you’re looking for. Ultimately, if you’re not sure whether or not you’ll like something, then it may be a smart choice to order something else. Even if it’s an Italian special or a Costa Rican chocolate dessert, you may not like it if you’re not used to the taste. For instance, if you’re not from Costa Rica, then you may not find that chocolate very satisfying since it doesn’t have the same flavor as what you’re used to eating back home. On the flip side, if you’re from Costa Rica and you’ve never tried chocolate from other regions, then it may be an excellent choice for you, as long as you’re not expecting it. Moreover, if you’re in Italy and looking for an Americano, don’t order an espresso, as they may not even offer it. In fact, in many parts of Italy, they don’t even serve coffee.

So, consider the type of coffee shop you’ll be in before ordering anything. If you’re not sure what kind of coffee they offer, then ask the barista. Moreover, bear in mind that the cream and sugar you’re used to adding to your coffee may not be available in the same place you are, so you’ll need to find out before you order. Finally, if you’re planning to eat at a coffee shop while you’re there, then order something small. This way, you won’t feel too bloated after your meal and the coffee won’t hit you so hard. This is especially important if you’re traveling internationally, as certain foodstuffs may not be allowed in certain countries, especially when you’re traveling to another country. For instance, if you’re in Italy and you have a wheat allergy, then you can’t serve you food in an Italian restaurant. So, opt for something simpler or find a pizzeria that offers gluten-free pizza instead. In most cases, it will be possible to find something that’s suitable for everybody. Finally, don’t expect every coffee shop to offer the same thing. Even in the same place, you may find that one day is a coffee shop and the next day is just a coffee bar. So, if you find that a coffee shop changes its menu every week or every other week, then this is a good sign that you’re in for a unique experience. So, if you want to try something new, then this is the place to do it. Additionally, if you don’t want to drink coffee made by a machine, then this is the place to get a freshly made cup as well.

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