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What Age Most Travelers Have?

Most people will tell you that you can’t travel around the world until you’re at least 21 years old. But, based on the data from Lonely Planet, you might want to reconsider that advice. The travel company looked into the ages of the people who had traveled around the world and came up with a list of the top 20 destinations where you can have the most fun and be among the world’s young elite.

Here are the top five:

1. Cairo, Egypt

The capital of Egypt is one of the most historic cities in the world and just one of the wonders you can see on a camel ride. It’s located on the banks of the majestic River Nile and is surrounded by desert terrain which is not only beautiful, but also vibrant with wildlife and plant life. You can eat the local cuisine which is a blend of Mediterranean and African influences or you can opt for an international diet of Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish dishes. There are lots of well-known restaurants in town, so you’ll never get bored of eating out.

But, even if you stay in a 5-star hotel, the food won’t be as good as what you get on the local street markets. You’ll be able to taste Egyptian cuisine which is a blend of Mediterranean and African influences, as well as the vibrant street food which is very affordable and great for budgeting.

2. Santorini, Greece

The most famous of the islands which make up the popular Greek resort of Santorini is perfectly designed for an unforgettable time. You’ll find the whitewashed buildings and red rooftops of the isle Thera surrounded by emerald-green waters. The island is famous for its breathtaking sunset and it’s picturesque cliffside villages. If you visit between June and October, you’ll have the opportunity to see the isle’s famous sunsets from Oia, one of the largest towns on the island. In the town itself, you’ll find lots of shops, galleries, bars and restaurants to keep you busy during your stay. One of the best things about Santorini is that you can walk to most places. So, if you want to explore the island, you don’t need to rent a car. Plus, since the island is well-known for its incredible beauty and its blue ocean, you’ll most likely end up having some incredible snaps taken of you.

3. Marrakesh, Morocco

The largest city in Northwest Africa is famous for its stunning souks, delicious food and lively atmosphere. However, the real highlight of Marrakesh is the magical cityscape that is illuminated by the glow of thousands of candles and lanterns at night. The winding streets and open squares of the medina, the city’s historical neighborhood, are the perfect places to people-watch and to take in the authentic Moroccan culture which is still practiced today. From the bustling souks of the medina to the colorful Kasbahs (ruling mansions) which overlook the city, Marrakesh is a stunning example of multiculturalism in action.

4. Sapphire Bay, Australia

Sapphire Bay is located on the beautiful island of New South Wales in Australia. The island’s landscape is spectacular and it’s filled with towering eucalyptus trees, lush rainforests, sparkling beaches and beautiful lakes. If you want to get away from the crowds, you can travel to the more remote regions of the island and enjoy some peace and relaxation in a completely different manner. One of the best things about Sapphire Bay is that, even during the low season, there are still lots of opportunities for outdoor activities. In the summer, the island enjoys a vibrant bohemian atmosphere as artists, performers, and musicians come from all over the world to paint, play, and party.

5. Stargazing in the Andaman Islands, Thailand

Located just off the coast of Malaysia, the Andaman Islands offer some of the most incredible panoramic vistas on the planet. The beaches are beautiful and the water is pristine, so if you’re looking for a relaxing spot, the islands are perfect. However, you’ll need a telescope to see the true magnificence of the night’s sky. The best time to visit the islands is between June and October, when the weather is still good and the nights are not too cold. During these months, you’ll be able to see plenty of stars and enjoy some truly magical moments as you look up at the sky and watch the planets spin across the dome of the night’s sky. It might not seem like a common occurrence, but it’s something you’ll never forget.

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