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Have You Made Specific Travel Plans?

Plans, plans, plans, oh my! Whether you’re setting them down on a to-do list or entering them into your travel planner, preparing for the big day is certainly the most exciting stage of a wedding. But once your wedding day is over, what do you do with all of that excitement? Do you keep going with the flow and treat your travel plans as just that—plans? Or do you look back and realise that there were so many things you could have done, and do you feel a little deflated?

After your wedding day, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to go on your honeymoon. And while you’re on this special trip, what are your plans? Do you dive right into the travel plans you made during the engagement period? Or do you take a second to reflect on your wedding and see if there are any other adventures that you could have taken?

Making travel plans is fun, but once you’ve done it you’ll realise how flexible they are. No two flights are ever going to be alike, so even when you’ve planned the perfect itinerary, things can still go wrong. That’s the great thing about them—no matter what happens, you’ll always have another plan B. Just like the great travel planner Sarah Bettelem, who advises, “Don’t get too attached to your plans; they can always be changed at the last minute.”

So whether you’ve made elaborate travel plans or just some basic ones, these days of uncertainty are certainly over once your wedding day has ended. Now you can get on with your new life as a married couple or individual travellers. But don’t forget about your travels—the memories you make will last a lifetime.

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