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How To Travel With Raw Dog Food

Are you thinking about taking your dog on a trip with you? You are not alone in wanting to do this. Traveling with animals is becoming more popular every year, and people are often curious about the type of food they need to bring along. While most can guess that dogs eat raw meat, there are some tricks and tools you can use to make the process easier. Keep reading for some helpful tips!

Pack What They Need

Dogs are very versatile animals, and they can eat a variety of foods. This means you can prepare a variety of food for them while you are traveling. You should not expect restaurants to serve canine-friendly food, so you will need to cook most of their food at home or prepare simple meals for them while you are out traveling. This will make the process easier and ensure they get the nutrition they need. When preparing food for your dog, you should ensure that it is packed well and will not go bad during the trip. This means cooling it down as soon as possible and taking into consideration the weather conditions where you will be traveling to. You don’t want to prepare ice-tea, fruit salads, or cold cuts while traveling in a hot climate, as this will make the food unpalatable to your dog. You should take the time to read the directions carefully and follow them exactly, so your dog does not become sick due to incorrect intake. Some foods are more prone to spoiling than others, so you should know what type of food you are storing and how long you will be keeping it stored. For instance, fish is very perishable, and you should pack it carefully so it does not become contaminated by the time you get to your destination. The same goes for meat and eggs, as they are highly susceptible to being ruined by the elements. You should store these items in a cold place, so they retain their freshness. Keeping a few basic meals for your dog that are simple and easy to prepare will make the process much easier. This will also give you a sense of accomplishment, as you are providing your dog with the nutrients they need while on the go. It is a win-win situation!

Make Sure They Are Healthy

Dogs are not as tolerant of extreme temperatures as humans are, so you will need to be careful what type of places you take them to. If you are not traveling during the warmer months, you should make sure your dog is healthy enough to travel. Some animals require a lot of time to recuperate from travel sickness, so during this time, they will need to stay indoors and away from strangers. When taking your dog on a long trip, you should have them weighed before and after to ensure they do not gain or lose weight excessively. This is a common problem for dogs who eat whatever is put in front of them, so you should know this well before you set off on your trip. You should also make sure their ears are clean and not infected, as this will make it much easier for you to take them anywhere when they are sick. You should also practice keeping them indoors during the day to prevent any accidents due to wandering or chasing wildlife. This will require a lot of patience on your part, as you will be the best judge of whether your dog is healthy enough to travel or not. Do not expect veterinarians to give you a quick answer to this question, as they may not have the time due to other work commitments. It is a common scenario for pet owners to rush into the office just to find out their pets are ill and need emergency care. Ensure you have everything you need before you set off on your journey and that you are adequately prepared for the trip. This will make the process much easier, and you will enjoy the ride!

Bring Spay/Neuter Clinics On Your Radar

Dogs are a part of the family for many people, and as such, they are highly valued members of the community. One way you can thank your dog for contributing to your community is by ensuring they are spayed or neutered. You never know when an unplanned pregnancy could happen, and once it does, it is usually too late to get the operation. You should keep this in mind whenever you are planning a trip, as you do not want to be scrambling to find a vet clinic at the last minute. You will have to search high and low for one that is open, and the waiting list can be quite lengthy. If you are planning on taking your dog out of state, make sure you contact the appropriate animal protection agency in your region to ensure they are aware of your planned excursion. Some states have specific requirements for animal registration, so ensure you are covered before you set off on your trip. Spaying and neutering your dog is a simple and safe operation, and it will greatly reduce the number of unwanted animals in the world. All you need is some time and a little bit of planning. Do not expect the task to be easy, as you will have to take the time to explain the situation to the surgeon, so they understand the significance of the operation. Do not forget about this crucial step as you will be needing to renew the registration papers for your dog when you return home. This is an important step, as most states require their owners to do this annually. This is not something you want to forget about!

Use A Car Carrier

There are many reasons why you might want to use a car carrier. A car carrier will prevent any accidents due to falling or slipping off the leash while being in a moving vehicle. This is an important safety measure, particularly if you have a large breed dog or two small dogs that could get chippy in the backseat. The leash could potentially become detached, resulting in some serious injury or damage. This is why it is crucial to wear your safety harness every time you get in the car. If you are driving on unfamiliar roads or in heavy traffic, having a car carrier will definitely prove to be the safest option for you and your pets. Do not forget to check the regulations of car carriers before you set off on your trip, as some countries require specific restrictions when it comes to motorized vehicle transport. Do not try to bring your dog on a plane without first checking with the airline about their policy on flying with pets, as this could result in unexpected fees.

Take A First Aid / Emergency Kit

Taking your dog on a trip is a special moment in their life. As such, it is important to make sure you prepare for this moment responsibly. The simplest way to do this is by taking a first aid / emergency kit with you on the trip. This will ensure you have the necessary items to treat yourself or your dog in case of an accident or emergency. Most first aid kits will include things like band-aids, burn cream, eye masks, flares, a whistle, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and more. Depending on where you are traveling to and the climate, you may also want to consider taking extra items like an extra pair of shoes, gloves, or a warm jacket to keep your dog’s body temperature elevated in case of extremes in temperature. Do not forget about the special equipment you have for your dog, like their crate and harness. These will prove to be invaluable on your trip and ensure they get the treatment they need. Having these items with you will greatly reduce the stress and discomfort they experience while traveling. Most importantly, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are safe and well-cared-for during your trip.

As you can see, there are a number of things you need to think about when traveling with your dog. From making sure they are healthy to having the right papers and vaccinations, this is a lot to think about. Once you have everything planned, it will be a moment of pride watching your dog eat a steak or chicken leg in front of you on a restaurant table. While you are at it, try ordering one for yourself too!

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